At the Oakville & Milton Humane Society it's 'all for the animals', which means that cosmetic upgrades to our shelter are last on our 'to do' list. Your donations always go to help the animals because the need is great and gets bigger every day. We were so excited when Paul Likuski of Walls Alive Painting offered to makeover our lobby and hallway with new paint!
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Best Interior Design – Oakville
BEST INTERIOR DESIGN – Oakville for 2010 Felicia won a “Platinum” Reader’s Choice award for Best Interior Design – Oakville for 2010 as voted by the readers of Oakville Today newspaper”.
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Five Essential Things Every Home Decorator Should Do for Instant Charm
Updating the look of your home doesn't have to break the bank. With a few simple ideas, anyone can transform their outdated house into a more modern and fresh abode. Felicia Gimza, a Toronto-based interior design consultant and owner of The Expert Touch Interiors, believes there are five essential things every homeowner should do to update and enhance the look of their home.
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ThatChannel Interior Decorator Guest
ThatChannel Interior Decorator Guest “Felicia Gimza, Interior Decorator and founder of The Expert Touch Interiors was a guest speaker on www.Thatchannel.com Number 9 Design show on March 26/09. She was interviewed about her extensive knowledge of Home Staging. Click here to view the ThatChannel Interior Decorator Guest – Felicia Gimza
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Interview With Home Improvement Retailing Magazine As published October, 2008 in “Home Improvement Retailing Magazine” – Felicia was interviewed for her knowledge of trends in paint and interior design. For an expanded view of the article, please click here.
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Why Hire A Professional Interior Decorator
Life Made Simple – For Her | Article As published January, 2008 in “Life Made Simple – For Her Magazine”. Felicia wrote an article on why one should hire a professional interior decorator. For an expanded view of the article on why hire a professional interior decorator, please click here.
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Tanya Bruckmueller, spokesperson for Toronto Hydro, says many condo owners’ utilities are included in maintenance fees, but these fees can rise based on energy use. To save energy, she says windows are an issue for condo dwellers. “Newer condos have double-paned glass,” she says, “but if you feel a draft or the window is very cold to the touch, pick up a window insulator kit from the hardware store.”
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Think about how much money you spend on grooming your hair, your nails, even your pets. Now think about how much you spent grooming your home before putting it up for sale. If the highlights and manicures won out, you might want to put your money on those domestic divas known as home stagers next time. These professional primpers will rearrange your furniture, bring in their own props and recommend décor changes that will transform your house into one fit for model-home heaven.
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Christmas Decorating Ideas
It's starting to look a lot like Christmas, but is your home decorated yet? If not, don't fret – you still have lots of time – although now is a good time to work on your collection of Christmas items that will eventually form part of your décor. You might even find some of these in your own back garden!
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