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15 Sep 2014 in Architecture

Author : Felicia Gimza

September 15, 2014


Don’t you just love when a beautifully designed building has a great story behind it? I know I do. I wasn’t disappointed on recent trips to Charleston, SC and Williamsburg VA, both areas have Southern Charm

photo 5 (9)


How exciting to start out with a horse-drawn carriage tour of Charleston.


You won’t find the extent of Classic Georgia, Federal, Adamesque, Greek Revival, Italianate and Victorian homes  anywhere else in North America. Downtown Charleston however, features block after block of glorious examples.

photo 1


Imagine a young southern gentleman building this home to impress and convince a young lady to marry him. Unfortunately, he took seven years to complete it. By the time it was ready, she’d already married someone else.


photo 2


This popular Bed and Breakfast was originally built by a man whose daughter had moved to Paris. He built this beauty with a mini arc de triomphe outside one window to try and woo her back home. But she’d already fallen in love with Paris (and a certain young man there) and refused to come home.  Having been fortunate enough to visit Paris myself and loving every aspect of it, I think I can understand why!


photo 4


Check out these three delightful row homes with their colourful painted stucco facades. When they were built, stucco was considered a sign of wealth. So naturally, when a wealthy father built them for his three daughters, he insisted on stucco. You’ll find many examples of brick buildings with painted stucco facades in Charleston.


photo 7


Then it was off to Williamsburg to visit the Governor’s Palace. The story goes that the British built this impressive building to demonstrate their authority and wealth over the common folk.


photo 6


With so many homes being decorated in greys and greige these days, what a treat it was to see the amazing use of colour in its rooms. The palace’s Grand Ballroom has the most spectacular colour blue I’ve seen on a wall in a long time. Look how well it works with the colourful area rug.


Of course, I had to go looking for a similar blue and found it in “Rocky Mountain Sky” 2066-40 by Benjamin Moore.

BenMoore Rocky Mountain


photo 8


Bold green walls in the Dining Room match beautifully with this area rug. Notice how the fuchsia pink in the pattern sets off the green in the rug perfectly.


Want to recreate this striking and vibrant green?

I’d use Benjamin Moore’s “Adam Green” 2037-40.

BenMoore Green

Now that I’m back home, I think about the many stories behind the choices people make for their home decorating, the colours on their walls and their interior décor. When you think about it, interior design is a lot like telling a story – your story…in colour, line and textures.

If you have any favourite stories about why you chose a certain design, colour or piece in your decorating, please do tell me in the comments section below. I’d love to hear them.


About Felicia…
Felicia Gimza is an award-winning Interior Decorator offering custom interior design and decorating in her home town of Oakville and surrounding areas of Mississauga and Burlington. Felicia prides herself in creating rooms for her clients that are not only eye-catching, comfortable and functional, but are completely customized to suit their own style.

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