It’s been a while since I’ve written anything and again it’s because business has been booming! I can’t complain but of course, it doesn’t allow me much time to write my blog these days. In any case, I wanted to share a really cool experience we had back in August and the final outcome is pictured below as well as links. We were contacted by a media company shooting an interactive commercial for Ferrero Rocher’s website. They loved the “bones” and ambience of our home so we were selected out of many homes to have the commercial shot here. (This was the second time this year as we were also selected back in February to have a Chevy commercial shot here as well!). The set up took 12 hours with a crew of about 40 and the actual filming and clean-up took another 17 hours over a weekend, but it was all worth it when you see the outcome of the commercial. I refreshed my kitchen earlier this year and the producers loved the white cupboards, marble backsplash and grey and white Caesarstone countertops as a backdrop for their gold wrapped chocolates. They covered all of our windows with black tarps so that it looked like an evening in December and added a Christmas tree and beautiful Christmas ornaments in golds and creams to my kitchen, family room and living room. They removed all of my usual decor from my bookcases and added in more gold elements and accessories. The whole scenario worked out beautifully; our home truly looked like a Christmas wonderland and we are very impressed by how it all turned out!

See for yourself here – make sure you click on all 3 links below. These are very short snippets as it’s a contest they developed. I am blown away by how long it took to film these short snippets though. Kudos to the directors, producers, actors, camera operators, set designers, make up artists, wardrobe people, associates from the advertising firm and the company itself. Very well done!

Moment 1

Moment 2

Moment 3


fr1 fr2 fr3