November 18, 2015   It’s been a while since I’ve written anything and again it’s because business has been booming! I can’t complain but of course, it doesn’t allow me much time to write my blog these days. In any case, I wanted to share a really cool experience we had back in August and the final outcome is pictured below as well as links. We were contacted by a media company shooting an interactive commercial for Ferrero Rocher’s website. They loved the “bones” and ambience of our home so we were selected out of many homes to have the commercial shot here. (This was the second time this year as we were also selected back in February to have a Chevy commercial shot here as well!). The set up took 12 hours with a crew of about 40 and the actual filming and clean-up took another 17 hours over a weekend, but it was all worth it when you see the outcome of the commercial. I refreshed my kitchen earlier this year and the producers loved the white cupboards, marble backsplash and grey and white Caesarstone countertops as a backdrop for their gold wrapped chocolates. They covered all of […]
  December 23, 2014  Setting the table for Christmas and New Year’s dinners has to be one of my favourite things to do. It allows me to use my creativity and imagination while being festive and it’s always fun to see the finished product and wait for my guest’s reactions! Somehow dinner always tastes better too when the table is so nicely set. I was getting tired of the usual red and gold decor ideas so I decided to change things up last year by transforming my more traditional colour scheme to a beautiful shade of turquoise with silver details. My inspiration were these beautiful turquoise beaded Christmas trees and candle holders. Adding lots of crystal candlesticks and votives, along with a silver table runner, white and silver napkins and turquoise and silver ornaments also helped tie in the decor scheme. I decided to change my gold charger plates and name card holders to silver as well by spray painting them. If I tire of this scheme, I can easily find another can of spray paint and voila, I will have a new colour scheme again. That’s the beauty of spray paint! Finally I always add some fresh cedar to […]
November 21, 2014  As I look outside and see the snow falling, I am reminded that there are only 35 more days until Christmas! In my world, it means it’s time to start decorating! And this season is definitely my favourite to decorate for. My designs have been added to over 10,000 idea books on the popular and well-known, And one of my table settings (stay tuned to my next post) has now been published in a national publication for the National Kitchen and Bath Association. I think what makes them so popular is that they are unique, colourful, always work well with the room’s decor, but most of all are easy to do. So here are some of my most well-received ideas. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them! This was placed on an entrance hall console table.  I combined silver ornaments with fresh cedar in a silver bowl.  How simple, but it certainly makes a statement in the front hall and against the backdrop of the black console table. Here is an idea for a kitchen island.  The focal point is 2 tall goblets filled with black, silver and grey tiny […]