To Walls Alive Painting, The Expert Touch Interiors And Sherwin Williams Paint

At the Oakville & Milton Humane Society it’s ‘all for the animals’, which means that cosmetic upgrades to our shelter are last on our ‘to do’ list. Your donations always go to help the animals because the need is great and gets bigger every day.

We were so excited when Paul Likuski of Walls Alive Painting offered to makeover our lobby and hallway with new paint! Paul went even further, contacting Felicia Gimza of The Expert Touch Interiors to provide a paint colour consultation and design and Shannon Syring of Sherwin Williams Paint to donate the paint for the project. Everyone generously donated their time, talents and lots and lots of paint to make our lobby look simply amazing! Paul’s paint team came in weekends and evenings, giving up their personal time to make our lobby an oasis of calm. Felicia chose a colour palette that makes one of the most stressful locations in our shelter calm and peaceful. The Sherwin Williams paint was fabulous, odour free which was terrific for our animals and staff too!

We always hope you will support the people who support us; if you are looking at a spring makeover for your home or business we really hope you’ll reach out to Paul, Felicia and Shannon….we are so grateful for all they have done.