This year’s IDS marked the 14th consecutive show that I’ve attended and once again I was inspired by more great new ideas.  I was really impressed this year by some of the furniture designers.  What amazing talent!One Canadian furniture designer in particular, Dean Jackson blew my what I thought was a “creative” mind until I met him! with his latest addition of Aeropods – a rare collection of 49 special cabinets.  These pictures don’t do his work justice at all so feel free to check out his website at  He has been designing furniture since 1982 creating tailor made furniture and architectural woodwork with his company Custom Wood Designs while completing a Canadian Fine Arts degree.  He is also an accomplished oil painter.  His Aeropod concept which is what was on display at this year’s IDS is where Art Deco enters the Space Age to create an alluring classic that captures imaginations for your home, office or yacht.  Available designs are: The Timeless Pod – for the collector of fine watches.  The Vintages Pod – a new way of presenting your evening’s wine selections.  The Aficianado Pod – for the exquisite tobacco enthusiast.  The Diamond Pod (my own fav!) – a lockable chest of decadent velvet-lined drawers to guard and display your jewelry in pristine condition.  The Martini Pod – which embraces your choicest liquors and the latest of his creations is the Astropod – which functions as a wine centre, bar cabinet or a dining room server.  Here are a few pics with the designer himself.

IMG_3891 IMG_3888IMG_3890









































Another furniture designer from Quebec, Kino Guerin, had a great display of his very cool curled wood furniture.  He has various pieces available in this line at  Anything from shelves to tables is available.  Extremely creative and what a statement they would make in any room!








Loved this new young furniture designer’s take on the Adirondack Chair. Didn’t get to sit in it but I don’t think if I had, I would have ever gotten up!











I’m always looking for ways to create feature walls.  Sometimes paint just doesn’t cut it.  What about these collage tiles which are unique random compositions on modular panels using recycled scrap wood?  They are available in stained or painted finishes and vary in price.  But I found them very affordable and comparable to the faux stone walls we have been using for many years.  Check out for more info.

IMG_3880 IMG_3881 IMG_3883 IMG_3882





































If you have less of a budget, but you still want to do something creative with your walls, has some very realistic looking prepasted and reusable murals.  The possibilities are endless!  Great selection.  Here are a few that were on display.  How real do the reclaimed wood and stone ones look?!?

IMG_3899 IMG_3898 IMG_3897



























If you find want a little more ambience while you’re showering, why not purchase a shower from the Quebec Manufacturer Zitta?  The LED lighting around this shower changed colour every few seconds.  Would be fun showering in the dark!














Of course, a visit to the IDS always involves seeing and feeling lots of beautiful area rugs.  Here are a few new collections from 2 of my wonderful suppliers of beautiful area rugs that would make a statement in any room.  They are truly pieces of art!

Just below are the latest from Weaver’s Art.  These wool and silk combination area rugs take about 4 to 5 months to hand make just one in Nepal.  They are not inexpensive but worth every penny in my opinion.  So beautiful!

IMG_3913 IMG_3912 IMG_3914 IMG_3911






































W Studio never disappoints either with their selection of incredibly beautiful and colourful area rugs.  Some of the designs are available in 3D as well.  This rabbit one certainly caught my eye! Stunning!

IMG_3916 IMG_3915 IMG_3917


























If you didn’t get down to the IDS this year, I hope my post gave you some inspiration and there’s always next year.  I attend on Trade Day each year, but it’s open to the general public on usually the 3rd or 4th Saturday and Sunday each January.


About Felicia…Felicia Gimza is an award-winning Interior Decorator offering custom interior decorating and design in her home town of Oakville and surrounding areas of Mississauga, Burlington and the west end of the GTA. Felicia prides herself in creating rooms for her clients that are not only eye-catching, comfortable and functional, but are completely customized to suit their own styles.