It’s always great to come home to great news and I wanted to share a letter with you that I received yesterday. It made my heart warm. As I often do for local charities, I donated a gift certificate for an hour of my time along with a beautiful decorative plate to Front Line Outreach’s “Camp Dakota” program for their silent auction. It’s a summer camp that helps hundreds of children living within low income housing in Oakville attend. By attending these camps, the children learn valuable life lessons and build healthy self-esteem. The RibFest fundraising event which I have attended for three years now has raised over $20,000! Halton Police announced at the fundraising event that disruptions in Oakville’s low income housing communities have been visibly reduced over the six years that Front Line Outreach has been running their programs in our community. Ron and Joyce Shantz co-founders of Front Line Outreach should be commended for their efforts and their devotion to this program. If you would like more information on how to donate to this worthwhile cause, here is their website address: