Birchcliff Upper Level Reno and D├ęcor

This beautiful home recently underwent a major renovation of the upper level. When I was called in the renovation was well under way however nothing was complete and everything was in complete disarray. My client was very disappointed at how the reno was turning out and felt everything was very grey and cold. There was very little decor and some of the issues with the interior design were very noticeable including some of the drab grey paint colours. In less than 3 months, we worked on the interior design and paint issues, I designed and added a fireplace and tv niche to her master bedroom which allows her to watch TV in the cozy sitting area or swivel it to watch from bed, a gorgeous marble back splash to the newly reno’d laundry room, area rugs, drapery, artwork, accessories and toss cushions as well as some furniture and furnishings to complete the rooms and upper hall. My client is now thrilled with the outcome and instead of coming home to a drab, cold and gray space, she loves her new home which is now full of colour, rich textures and warmth!

Guest Bedroom

Guest Bathroom

Daughter’s Bedroom

Laundry Room


Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom