After living in their home for 2 years, the homeowners decided they needed to change their extensive gardens in the back to make them easier to manage. They also wanted to design an outdoor kitchen that would give them a larger barbecue and a smoker, as well as lots of storage for both and a bar fridge. So all garden materials were relocated and a cedar deck was added in its place.  (The current grey upper deck was built when we rebuilt the home 2 years earlier). The current pavers were dated and the area that they were in didn’t make sense for their large loungers or gazebo. So they changed the location of and the pavers themselves to newer ones by Permacon, added in new stone type coping around the pool also by Permacon and finished off the look with smaller border pavers by Techo Blok. Natural stone diving rocks finish off the look of the pool. Trees were trimmed, fencing was added as well as some privacy screens around the hottub and in the garden to hide a retaining fence wall, new garden materials were added as well as a garden fountain in the shape of a cactus, a new gate was built and finally outdoor ambient lighting was added to the kitchen, the outdoor gardens, the privacy screens and the cabana. Since they enjoy evenings in the cabana, we hooked up a tv which is on a swing arm and can be lowered and raised accordingly. In the front, we decided to add the same beautiful natural stone to the lower quarter of our home which was previously sided with a Celect product made from 100% recyclable materials emanating the appearance of wood making it maintenance free 2 years earlier. They also covered the porch sides and bottom of columns with the beautiful new stone. Each piece was painstakingly put together by our stone mason like a puzzle! They also added in the same pavers from the yard and finished it off with natural stone steps where the previous wood ones were. Since they needed to remove the eves troughs because they ran down the front columns, they installed rain chains instead and they are so much more pleasing to the eye and fun to watch when it rains! And finally the driveway was slightly widened and paved with pavers running down each side. The owners are extremely pleased with how this project turned out and now the exterior of their home reflects the new interior. A new custom cabana with fireplace and tv is planned for next year.