So the building permit for our new home addition finally arrived last week and we are now in business! It’s been a long winter waiting for it but it’s here and the destruction of the old finishes has begun. David from Glen Abbey Contractors and his team have already worked very hard at getting it to where it is now but we are more than ready to get started on building! The destruction was a huge undertaking and virtually every wall, ceiling and floor has been removed on the main floor and similar things are going on on the second floor and even basement now.

In the process we donated our kitchen to Habitat For Humanity so we felt good about that as it was still in good condition and we were happy someone else could re-purpose it in their home or cottage.

In order to get started on our framing, a very important part of the home building process had to be taken care of. A 30 steel foot beam weighing approximately 2,500 pounds needed to be delivered to our home through a window since we had too many trees in the area for it to be delivered like it normally is in new subdivisions by a boom crane.  Check out the process and team work! Thoroughly impressed by Dave and his team of hard working men!  And we owe a huge thanks to our new neighbours who let us use their driveway and yard in order to maneuver the beam from the truck into the window! What a process and on one of the coldest days of the year to boot!

Now that the beam has been delivered it needs to be lifted into place which will take place next week and then the real fun begins!!! Enjoying watching all of this unfold but the part I’ve enjoyed the most has been choosing the finishes. Can’t wait for it to all come together!