October 13, 2014 Fall is definitely one of my favourite times of the year and every season I like to try something new in creating Fall Decorating Ideas.  Here is a pic of my latest kitchen island decor.  I’m all about using things I have readily available in my home (fall scented candle, ceramic pine cone, fall corns and gourds) as well as what I can find outside in my garden.  This year my hydrangeas turned a particularly beautiful rose colour so I decided to work these into my decor scheme too.      For my kitchen table this year, I used orange candles and wrapped the candlesticks with sprays of orange and green beads.  Then I decorated with my orange and brown glassware, yellow napkins and turned my every day napkin rings into fall themed ones by adding faux leaves purchased at the dollar store.  Fall decorating doesn’t have to be an expensive or time consuming endeavour – lots of creativity will go a long way!   Here are more examples of fall and Thanksgiving decor from last year’s tables.  In the picture above, I used some tall glass decanters and filled them with small orange pumpkins and gourds. […]
October 6, 2014   I’ve always been a big supporter of the Princess Margaret Hospital Lottery and the Princess Margaret Show Home and I’ve just come back from the newest show home in Oakville.  I must say this is my favourite one yet (and I have been through them all!). I was inspired by so many elements in this home, but if I had to pick 2 favourites, they would definitely be the bright and open conservatory and the grand staircase…       Shown in the next two pics is the conservatory  which is a beautiful, wide-open space filled with natural light and floor to ceiling windows. The designers planted a live tree right in the floor which took a bit of planning and used up a little space from the basement, but it’s definitely worth it because the reflection in the adjacent mirrored wall is breathtaking. The skylight above and all of the natural light coming in will definitely help this tree remain in its current natural state of beauty and health. If I win this home, I’m most certainly setting up my office here! I am also in love with the grand staircase surrounded by floor to […]
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September 15, 2014   Don’t you just love when a beautifully designed building has a great story behind it? I know I do. I wasn’t disappointed on recent trips to Charleston, SC and Williamsburg VA, both areas have Southern Charm   How exciting to start out with a horse-drawn carriage tour of Charleston.   You won’t find the extent of Classic Georgia, Federal, Adamesque, Greek Revival, Italianate and Victorian homes  anywhere else in North America. Downtown Charleston however, features block after block of glorious examples.   Imagine a young southern gentleman building this home to impress and convince a young lady to marry him. Unfortunately, he took seven years to complete it. By the time it was ready, she’d already married someone else.     This popular Bed and Breakfast was originally built by a man whose daughter had moved to Paris. He built this beauty with a mini arc de triomphe outside one window to try and woo her back home. But she’d already fallen in love with Paris (and a certain young man there) and refused to come home.  Having been fortunate enough to visit Paris myself and loving every aspect of it, I think I can understand […]
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